The app mockup for windows. This screen shows an open conversation with a contact. The consistent use of colour instinctively lets you see which user the message belongs to. This is reinforced with the message bar at the bottom and the bar at the top. The contact photos also consistently align to again reinforce this.

This is an animated mockup of a user interacting with the notification for a new message. When this notification is touched, a message box and a short conversation history appears, letting the user quickly reply to messages with minimal impact on other behaviours.

This screen and the following one show the android version of the app. The coloured branding is consistent here with that of the windows version. The app for android was created to follow Google's Material Design guidelines to be fluid and consistent with new versions of android. This consistency with the platform allows users to more intuitively use the app and ensure an optimal experience for them.

Conversation screen again, using colour to reinforce message ownership.